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Removal of lead bearing components and lead based paint / coatings

Fungal remediation mold removal specialist.jpgCelt, Inc. specializes in AHERA trained Temporary abatement Technicians to contractors such as yourself that are in the abatement / removal of lead bearing components and lead based paints and coatings. Celt, Inc. management teams have the resources to meet your project's critical time frames and cost considerations.

Additionally, our teams of seasoned Lead workers are equipped with the knowledge and experience in assisting with your company’s specific project needs.

Lead abatement specialists with extensive experience and expertise

Lead abatementOur teams of Lead Abatement Specialists are equipped with the extensive experience and expertise to handle your project, no matter how large, in a timely and cost efficient manner.

Celt, Inc. workers perform all work in compliance with the guidelines set forth by the EPA and OSHA, while employing state of the art techniques in lead abatement.

Given the potential risk that lead may have on the environment and most importantly on developing individuals, Celt, Inc. is committed in allocating the adequate resources to your project.

Fully licensed lead abatement workers

Celt, Inc. provides your company with workers that are licensed in lead abatement and solely employs fully trained and EPA/DOSH licensed lead abatement personnel. Celt, Inc. workers can assist your company with the following lead abatement alternatives:

  • Removal and replacement of lead bearing components
  • Enclosure with a durable substance
  • Encapsulation with a 30 year lead barrier compound
  • Chemical stripping methods of lead based paint coatings
  • Mechanical abrasive methods
  • In place management (interim controls)


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